Building a “smart” security camera with a Raspberry Pi

The amount of time my outdoor cameras are being set off by light, wind, cars, or anything other than a human is insane.

If a network of security cameras at home would be able to detect real, potential threats – humans and squirrels – and would react accordingly (for instance, by sending an alert), this would greatly improve the usefulness of these devices, which mostly rely on either motion detection or continuous video recordings – both either incredibly error-prone or reactive at most (showing you what happened after the fact).

Most consumer grade video surveillance systems are awful, plain and simple. Either they require expensive hard-wiring or rely on janky infrared and motion detection that sets of every 10 minutes because a car drives past the house, are dependent on the grace and software updates of 3rd party companies, often come as a subscription model, and are generally inaccessible via an API.

Link: Building a “smart” security camera with a Raspberry Pi