Free Speech is Under “Profound Threat” Says PEN America CEO

For or advocates of free expression, 2020 has been a deeply troubling year. In recent months, federal officers have been deployed to American cities, and the ongoing pandemic has brought a dangerous new dimension to the battle over false information online. Abroad, a draconian new national security law has silenced dissent in Hong Kong, while Maria Ressa, a journalist and 2018 TIME Person of the Year, was convicted of cyber libel in June. The implications of those events are not lost on Suzanne Nossel, CEO of PEN America, a nonprofit that supports writers and journalists and advocates for free expression rights, and author of the new book Dare to Speak, which came out July 28. Nossel sat down with TIME to discuss her book and the state of free speech in the U.S. and around the world.

Link: Free Speech is Under “Profound Threat” Says PEN America CEO