20 Years of NSA Spying on U.S. Citizens

On the Anniversary of 9/11 there is so much commentary on social media about the losses suffered. The hate of a small group of radical terrorists from the other side of the world brought death and destruction to an unsuspecting citizenry. The terrorists were assassins who used the freedoms of an open society to murder and destroy. They entered the country as visitors, enrolled in schools as students, learned the basics of flying a plane, and booked a series of flights with the intent of creating fear and anger.

We should remember that what these terrorists truly hate is the real target of their assassination campaign: freedom. They hate that our music, fashion, business, technology, and lifestyle undermines the politics and power of religious hate and that their own children would rather be like us than join their ages-old cultures of hate. The real victim 20 Years on from 9/11/01 is our freedom.

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