WebFiche of the News for September 15, 2021
Microfiche Card
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Placing coverage and headlines side-by-side forces the recognition of the fact that the coverage of News has been forced to be as salacious and polarized as possible simply to keep the attention (and advertising dollars) viewers and subscribers. Love it or hate it, cacophony is one of the outcomes of an open society where everyone has a voice. Many people today take refuge in the “bubble” of their own preferences because it is too hard to keep pace with the sheer volume of information. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A WebFiche is a single snapshot of multiple related topics or sites from the Internet smashed together into a single large hi-resolution file for the purpose of comparison and review. The news of Wednesday September 21, 2021 provides a great example of how coverage, content, and commentary varies widely across a spectrum of Internet News Sites. Wednesday was an example of an outstanding news day in that multiple highly emotional and controversial topics surfaced in a single day: Trump’s final days of his Presidency and General Miley, USA Gymnastics and the FBI Investigation of Larry Nassar, and the recall of California Governor Gavin Newsome – just to name a few.

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