How to Stop Getting So Many Spam Text Messages

With every leap we take in furthering breakthroughs in communication, it seems like there’s always a way for unwanted solicitations to work their way into our day. From junk mail to robocalls to unsolicited emails, marketers and scammers alike have never had any problem getting our personal contact information and using it for their own personal gains.

While email spam filters and state/federal “do not call” registries have alleviated a lot of the unwanted contacts from spammers, those determined to make unwarranted contact with us have been able to worm their way into our text messaging systems. If you’re getting spammy text messages, you are not alone. Robokiller tells us that nearly five billion spam texts are sent to U.S. residents annually. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to not only prevent them but also stop them altogether.

Link: How to Stop Getting So Many Spam Text Messages