Slackware 15 RC2 Install and Review

Slackware 15 RC2 was released not long after we posted a quick review and installation how-to for RC1. In our experience with the installation process nothing has changed since RC1 except for the fact much of software has been finalized. Slackware RC2 is even better in terms of refinement, overall features, and stability and after using it for a month or so we wanted to share some of our experiences. The following videos are a quick review of the standard full install of the system. (While writing this article, Slackware RC3 posted so please give it a try!)

Slackware 15 full install including source code – quick walk-through of installed applications.

This demo was running on a old Lenovo T460 and Slackware 15 made it seem snappy and responsive

Performance and Stability are hallmarks of Slackware and Version 15 RC2 continues that tradition – the following application launches are recorded in real-time.

Here is a look at the standard system themes (on KDE Plasma)

Finally, one of the best features of the Slackware system has always been its dedication to ease of custom compilation by including all source code with the installation media. If you want to know what is happening on your system or how it works, no system makes that process easier.

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