NSA-linked Bvp47 Linux backdoor widely undetected for 10 years

A report released today dives deep into technical aspects of a Linux backdoor now tracked as Bvp47 that is linked to the Equation Group, the advanced persistent threat actor tied to the U.S. National Security Agency.Bvp47 survived until today almost undetected, despite being submitted to the Virus Total antivirus database for the first time close to a decade ago, in late 2013.

CognitiveMetropolis believes it is time to stop trusting others to protect us from “bad actors” in a world of Corporate Surveillance Capitalism. Time and again we hear the NSA tell us how they are protecting us, behind closed doors with very limited oversight only to learn time and again they are consistently undermining security and privacy. One way to do this is to arm yourself with knowledge about your privacy and security. Another step is to take definitive action to understand your computing environment, like understanding what is actually happening on your computer. Finally, take action to protect your computing resources and home environment.

Link: NSA-linked Bvp47 Linux backdoor widely undetected for 10 years
via www.bleepingcomputer.com