Host Pi-Hole on Amazon Web Services to Block Ads for Free

Did you know you can host Pi-Hole on Amazon Web Services for Free? You’ve likely heard of Pi-Hole (the open source DNS Server that blocks ads) and you’ve almost certainly heard of Amazon Web Services (the cloud hosting platform from Amazon). But did you know you can essentially host it in the cloud for free using Amazon Web Services? How is this possible you may ask. Well, Pi-Hole is free (libre) open source and Amazon Web Services offers a free tier. Put those two together and you have Pi-Hole hosted on Amazon Web Services in the cloud for free. First, take a minute to get familiar with Pi-Hole in this entertaining YouTube Video.

Lean about Pi-Hole and how it works

This How-To by Christopher Don is a great step-by-step tutorial to show you how to get it done. Even if you are an absolute NOOB when it comes to either Pi-Hole or Amazon Web Services you can easily be up and running in 30 minutes. Give it a try – its free! If you want something even easier and are willing to pay $3.50/Month, you can add your own personal VPN and use Pi-Hole on the go, wherever you, including with cellular service. Checkout the awesome (almost) free Pi-Hole on Amazon Web Services Lightsail from Arvind Kunday.

Photo by Christian Wiediger

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