Ready or not, the Glassholes are coming back

Augmented Reality can be super fun and engaging and I’m sure it will have some compelling use cases. The best use case I can think of is the possibility of restoring some privacy in public places by giving us all a reason to shield ourselves from Face-Recognition cameras everywhere we go! Of course, all major vendors (Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta) will have tech built into their systems to facilitate commerce (and therefore Identification) but who says you have to use it? Just wear a reasonable facsimile without the tech to go unrecognized. Combine some fake AR Glasses with a Burner Phone and now you can truly be private in public!

Every major tech company is working on computer glasses. None of them really want to go first.

They all remember how Google Glass, and the “Glassholes” who wore them in public, became the laughingstock of the world. So they’ve been waiting, biding their time, refining their prototypes, and every so often making sure investors know that, no, they’re not going to let the first potentially iPhone-sized opportunity since the iPhone slip by.

But now, Google itself is taking the next step. And whether you’ve been dreading the moment when Big Tech’s all-seeing eyes reappear on people’s heads or merely counting the days until you can own a hands-free camera-computer, you should know we’re on the verge of contending with them once again.

Link: Ready or not, the Glassholes are coming back

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