All of Your Smart Devices Are Spying on You

At this point, it’s obvious that our smartphones and computers are data-leakers. Plenty of us now cover our laptops’ webcams (although we always forget about the mics), while our smartphones track our locations with us wherever we go. Unfortunately, these tools are so indispensable in modern life, we accept the privacy hit in order to function with the rest of society, and do what we can to keep our data secure.

However, it isn’t solely these infamous devices that intrude on our lives. Just about any device that connects to the internet poses some privacy and security risk to your life. Smart TVs, lights, refrigerators, vacuums, locks, thermostats, maps services, air conditioners, switches, even faucets: If it has “smart” in the title, it likely has a spying problem.

Link: All of Your Smart Devices Are Spying on You