AMENDMENT1 Back in Stock

AMENDMENT1 is back in stock and you can place orders now. The goal was to have them on sale in time for Christmas but that turned out to be optimistic. It seems there was a lot to do to get ready and there were some slow-downs in the form of the Flu and Covid Viruses, not to mention just the general fervor of Family Christmas! So, if you were in suspense then please accept our apologies but the time has come.

AMENDMENT1 Internet Privacy WiFi Router

Our great hope to simply receive new Raspberry Pi inventory, start imaging, and start selling again did not work out. While the new Raspberry Pi’s did arrive, it turned out that the AMENDMENT1 OS version 1.13 was just not ready for shipping. In fact, the AMENDMENT1 required an entirely new build to get up to our standards for an Internet Privacy WiFi Router. We are still using the same Open Source components as in version 1.13 but they have all been significantly updated.

AMENDMENT1 Greenlight Technology

Some of the biggest changes are in the Greenlight technology that we think makes the AMENDMENT1 so easy and reliable. Tor and the STEM package(s) used to control the AMENDMENT1 have been updated. Subtle changes in how Tor makes and sustains calls means we could make the Greenlight more dynamic and reliable. Webmin, Debian, Linux Firewall, and Tor have all evolved in the last couple of years and this build is faster, more secure, more reliable, and even easier to use.

Cognitive Metropolis coming Updates

The New AMENDMENT1 OS version 1.14 will be added as an Open Source .img file you can download and install on any Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+. During the long hiatus, we put a lot of work into researching and deploying multiple formats of the IPFire Firewall, which includes a Tor WiFi Hotspot. The BETA Version is also available on our File Downloads page. We really liked IPFire and you can expect to see more builds featuring their technology alongside the original AMENDMENT1. There are lots of new users joining and updating passwords so either folks are looking for information and updates or some really dumb hacker-bots are thinking they can use this platform. Whatever the case, instead of re-enabling the “Contact Us” page we will add a Discord instance as a means for community engagement. After that, we have some new product ideas and hopefully we can start back up where we left off in 2020. Happy New Year!

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