Cognitive Metropolis Discord Server Launched

Discord Server Launch

The CognitiveMetropolis Discord server is now live. The idea behind the Discord server is give users a forum to ask questions and get support, make suggestions, and discuss items of interest. After years of collecting SPAM we disabled our Contact Us link and this is intended to serve as a means to allow risk-free communication.

Respecting Your Privacy

One of the things distasteful about the Contact Us page was using Google’s Captcha, which didn’t even work that well! Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that Discord has a great record with User Rights – it does not. You can check their terms below. But it is easy and convenient for most folks and frankly Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are just out of the question. Mastodon is great but there is a much bigger commitment in terms of setup.

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Someone from CogntiveMetropolis will be available at regular intervals on Discord and we will make a point of prioritizing User Support, Product Questions, and (constructive) Feedback. Remember we are old and Discord is new to us so be gentle and suggestions are welcome. Cheers!

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