Big Brother Loves You

The AMENDMENT 1 is a Raspberry Pi 3B running the DietPi distribution of Debian Linux. That is a mouthful if you are not familiar with these technologies.  What is important for you to know is that these technologies are all “open”. What does that mean? It means you have control over them. You can open them, and you can look at the source code, and you can change the source code.  The same is true of the hardware – go ahead and open it up and make it yours. If you don’t feel like using our awesome custom, hand-crafted, purpose-built case, hardware, and user interface you can download all the software and make it your own.  We’ll feel a slight pang of heartache you didn’t buy our product but maybe you’ll teach us something new when you look inside. Maybe you’ll even share it back with us. 

Download AMENDMENT1 OS v1.0

As for the software AMENDMENT 1 builds on, please take a minute to look into them yourself.  They are great and the people who made them possible deserve acknowledgement and appreciation.