The AMENDMENT4 is a Code Key Live-Boot-Enabled USB FlashDrive featuring TAILS OS. The AMENDMENT4 is a 16GB Live-Boot USB Flashdrive with TAILS OS Pre-Installed. The AMENDMENT4 is constructed from Grade-A NAND Flash Memory with chips from Samsung, Hynix, and Micron specifically for CognitiveMetropolis.

AMENDMENT4 Code Key Live-Boot-Enabled USB FlashDrive featuring Tails OS

Live-Boot USB FlashDrive

Simply unlock the AMENDMENT4 secure drive and insert into your USB Drive into a computer or laptop boot into TAILS. Browse freely on the Internet or the Dark Web using the TOR Browser (included with TAILS) knowing your privacy and data are being protected.  Once you are finished, simply shut down TAILS and remove the AMENDMENT4 – it will lock automatically as soon as it is removed.  TAILS ensures that no traces of your information or activity remain on the AMENDMENT4 unless you specifically choose to create encrypted storage.

Beta Program Registration

This is the Registration Form to apply to the AMENDMENT4 Beta Program*. We are seeking a small group of individuals to help us test the AMENDMENT4 and provide feedback on features. If selected, you will receive a FREE AMENDMENT4 Unit to keep and do with as you wish. All we ask in return is you help us by filling out survey questions and evaluating use on your preferred computing platform. Once you register, you will be emailed full instructions and Beta Program Materials. Thank You for helping us make better products!


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