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The A4 Incognito is a Live Boot USB with TAILS OS – the most secure privacy-enhanced Linux OS that exists. The A4 Incognito is a 64GB secure Dual USB A 3.1/USB C Flash drive with TAILS OS Pre-Installed. Read the AMENDMENT4 User Guide for more detailed OpSec Information.

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The A4 Incognito is the AMENDMENT4 in Disguise

The AMENDMENT4 is a great tool for anonymous computing.  Use an AMENDMENT4 so you don’t have to lug around an additional personal laptop when you travel for work and play, or simply want Operational Security without complexity. The A4 Incognito offers a sleeker and more streamlined design so that it doesn’t attract attention – no branding, no labels, and no obvious security features to attract unwanted attention.  In addition, the A4 Incognito is has much larger capacity (64 GB) to accommodate creating a “permanent partition” to store sensitive data and transport it safely.  The A4 Incognito is also much faster and features a swivel hardware interface with both USB C and USB A 3.1 for ultra-fast connections to laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The A4 Incognito is designed for SSD (Solid State Drive) USB A 3.1 and runs fast enough it won’t seem like you are running an Operating System from a “thumbdrive”.

Features and Benefits

TAILS OS In your Pocket – Leave your Computer at home!

A4 Incognito makes every computer you use a secure Live Boot TAILS OS workstation. Don’t travel with a computer when you could just put the A4 Incognito in your pocket and plug into any computer anywhere.


Secure Tamper-Proof Packaging

A4 Incognito comes sealed in our branded high-tensile packaging tape to ensure there has not been any tampering in transit and shipping. If our custom packing seal has been broken then you know your package has been compromised!


Create Encrypted Volumes

Add additional storage or encrypt other hard drives, flash drives, and disks using the A4 Incognito and TAILS OS. Encrypted files are highly secure and passphrases are not recoverable so you have peace of mind your files are safe!


Always Ships with the Latest Version

A4 Incognito always ships with the latest version of TAILS OS at the time of purchase. We image each drive by hand using a secure verified version of TAILS OS USB Image – we never send our flash drives to be imaged by a factory.

TAILS OS Secure Download


Automatic Security Updates

TAILS OS includes an automatic update feature that works securely and anonymously over the TOR network so you are always using the latest and most secure version of TAILS OS on the A4 Incognito.


Open Source Software

TAILS OS is open source software and you can always check the source code, create additional TAILS OS Live USB Drives right from the main menu, or alter the Operating System to fit your operational security.


Secure Drive in your Pocket – Unlock only at your Destination!

Customs agents in many countries can demand you unlock your device if you don’t want to be detained or lose your device completely. Being inconspicuous may be your best defense and so we recommend “traveling incognito”!

No private data

A4 Incognito Live Boot USB with TAILS OS stores all user activity in the computer RAM unless specifically saved by the user to a the secure encrypted partition – even viruses and malware are incapable of writing to the AMENDMENT4 secure USB flash drive.


More about TAILS OS


The A4 Incognitco Live Boot USB with TAILS OS is designed to protect your data and internet usage from the surveillance economy and forms an important part of everyday operational security.


A4 Incognito comes pre-installed with TAILS OS – the Linux operating system designed for anonymity and recommended by security and privacy advocates.  TAILS ensures the highest operational security level possible in a user-friendly environment complete with office suite, graphics editor, file sharing, bitcoin wallet, and more.

Advanced User Guide

Do you like to Do-It-Yourself? No problem, once you receive the AMENDMENT4 secure USB flash drive you can simply overwrite the TAILS OS installation with whatever Operating System you prefer.  Maybe you are just very cautious and want to ensure you have a pristine image, configured how you like it – by all means make it your own. See our advanced AMENDMENT4 User Guide to learn more about features and options.

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